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Booking Conditions

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Our booking conditions are the basis of your contract with us. It is important that you read, understand and agree with them. By booking your holiday with us you are agreeing with our conditions. Please do not hesitate to contact us in writing (at enquiries@stivesbay.co.uk) if you wish to clarify any of our conditions.

1. Booking Contract

St Ives Bay Holiday Park is owned by Porthvan Enterprises Limited. The renting of a chalet, caravan or touring pitch (the accommodation) will form a binding contract between the person (the client) making the booking and staying in the party (who must be 21 years old or more) and Porthvan Enterprises Limited (the company). The contract is made between the client and the company on the basis of the information on the website and in the brochure including the booking conditions. The client may not sub-let the accommodation or assign the booking to another party. The client accepts responsibility of the actions of all persons who will occupy the accommodation and who must all be named on the booking form. A contract is agreed when a deposit is paid and the company has provided written confirmation. It is the responsibility of the client to check that the written confirmation is correct.

1.1 Antisocial Behavior

Where a payment is made by card the company reserve the right to pass on any processing charges. When submitting a booking you are confirming that no member of your party is subject to any order or on any register , indicating antisocial behavior, or abuse which might be detrimental to other guests’ safety or enjoyment of St Ives Bay Holiday Park facilities. In this situation the company reserves the right to cancel your booking.

St Ives Bay does not tolerate verbal abuse or violence to staff. Such behavior will result in appropriate action being taken by the company which may include termination of our agreement, an involvement of police.

2. Balance of Monies

The Client will notify the Company of any delay in forwarding the balance of monies by the due date (56 days, ie 8 weeks) prior to the holiday. If the Company is not notified it will assume that the holiday is cancelled. The Company will retain any money and re-let the accommodation.

3. Cancellations

Cancellation of bookings should be advised to the Company’s office immediately and then confirmed in writing. The Company will transfer monies already paid (including deposits) to another holiday in the same or following season. Your attention is drawn to the cancellation cover scheme offered. Please note the specific areas covered. No monies except those covered under the cancellation cover schemes are refunded.

3.1 Amendments

All amendments to bookings must be put in writing and an admin charge of £10.00 will be made on 2 or more amendments. No refunds will be given to anyone wishing to depart early. Amendments will attract the published price, applicable on the date the amendment takes place.

4. Claiming your accommodation

The Company must be paid in full before the accommodation is made available to the Client. Accommodation should be claimed within 24 hours of the arrival time. There are no refunds on unclaimed accommodation. Please advise the office of delayed arrival. Management will re-let the accommodation at midday on the day following the due arrival day.

5. Non availability

Where accommodation booked by the Client becomes unavailable due to circumstances beyond the Company’s control the Company reserves the right to supply accommodation of a similar, or better grade to that booked, or to refund monies paid to the Company in full. Under these circumstances special requests for units may not be fulfilled.

6. Family Holiday Park

Unsuitable persons and unreasonable behavior. The Company reserves the right to refuse a booking, to refuse entry, or to eject from the Park and its accommodation any person (or persons) who in the opinion of the Management of the Company is (are) unsuitable to take charge of the accommodation or who during their stay cause a danger, nuisance or disturbance to other persons on the Park. In such cases monies shall NOT be refunded to the Client. The contract shall be deemed discharged when the Client has left the Park. The Company does not accept bookings from all male or all female groups, workmen and or women, or similar groups.

7. Circumstances beyond the control of the Company (Force Majeure)

The Company is relieved of legal and financial liability where damages arise which are due to circumstances beyond its control. These shall include but not be limited to riots, civil disturbance, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, epidemic, storm, fire, water or power cuts.

8. The Company’s Liability

Except where a statutory liability arises in circumstances of death and personal injury the Company’s liability to the Client shall be limited to the price paid for the holiday as detailed in the brochure. It is an express condition of this booking that the Company is relieved of liability for any other accident or loss or damage which may be sustained by Clients or their property. Clients should make their own arrangements for the insurance of personal property.

9. Weapons

Firearms, air guns, knives, BB Guns, Laser Pens or similar weapons are not allowed on the Company’s Property. If found the Management will remove them to safe custody.

10. Breakages

All breakages or damage must be reported to the office. The Company reserves the right to charge for damage caused although it will not normally do so where damage is accidental. The Park reserves the right to charge the Client’s credit/debit card or send an invoice for the relevant amount. We may also charge for cleaning carpets/upholstery & curtains as a result of smoking in the units or for other reasons.

11. Pets


12. VAT

All charges quoted are inclusive of VAT at the current rate but the Company reserves the right to amend this or any other tax element in the event of a change of tax rate.

13. Amenities and entertainment

The Company will make every effort to provide facilities, amenities and entertainment as specified in the brochure. However if due to sickness, lack of support from performers, breakdown of equipment or other similar circumstances which are out of control of the Company it may at times be necessary to withdraw a service or close an amenity or facility without notice. The Company reserves the right to withdraw or alter a service facility or amenity and to change the entertainment program without notice or refund monies to the Client.

14. Responsibility for children and Under 18s

Clients who bring children or young people on holiday are responsible for them at all times. They must ensure that Under 18s do not consume alcohol on the Park. They are responsible for ensuring that all Under 18s return to their unit by midnight. Noise which disturbs others after midnight is not acceptable. Clients who do not respect this condition and who disturb others, or who have children or young people in their party who disturb or cause a nuisance to others or the staff on the Park, WILL BE OBLIGED TO LEAVE THE PARK. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS IN THIS CASE. Some activities and entertainment including playground equipment are provided for children. There are no childminding facilities provided by the Company. Children are the responsibility of parents and/or guardians at all times and must be supervised when enjoying the activities and entertainment and on the play equipment provided by the Company. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed in the Pool building without supervision. The Pool staff have the absolute authority to eject any person from the pool area.

15. Arrangements and facilities for less able guests

These are limited (but improving) at St Ives Bay Holiday Park. In particular we draw your attention to doorways which are too narrow for wheelchair users. Please ring and discuss your requirements with our staff, and confirm them in writing at the time of booking. Special arrangements cannot be guaranteed unless confirmed in writing.

16. Times of Occupation and Vacation of Accommodation

The Company will endeavor to have accommodation ready for the Client by 4pm on the arrival date. In very busy weeks or in circumstances beyond the control of the Company, accommodation may be available later but this will normally be available by 6pm. All accommodation, camping and touring should be vacated by 9am on the departure date. If accommodation is not vacated by 10am then the Company (by Management decision) may remove all personal possessions from the accommodation and will make reasonable efforts to safeguard the property for the collection by the Client as soon as is reasonably possible. A late departure charge of £25 per hour will be made for anyone still in their accommodation or pitch after 10am.

17. Comments and Complaints

If you have a comment or complaint about St Ives Bay Holiday Park then please bring it to the attention of our staff immediately. They will normally be able to help you. Otherwise please forward your comments within 14 days of your departure. In the event of a complaint it is unlikely that the Company will be able to help you at a later date when the problem could have been solved on the spot. We ask that you read our brochure carefully. Although it is supposed to give a general impression it does contain much specific written and pictorial information on which you base your holiday choice and sign a binding agreement with us

18. Camping and Touring unit sizes

All unit types. The maximum footprint of your unit is 5m x 8m to allow for fire separation. This includes all awnings, extensions & gazebos. Maximum length for a caravan or motor home is 8m. If you are unable to comply you will need to book 2 pitches. Extra pitches are not available in peak weeks. Fire gaps are marked on the ground. You can park a car on the fire gap. Pitches booked together may pitch on the fire gap between the units but must maintain a separation of 2 meters. Anyone pitching on the designated fire gap or in the wrong area will be asked to move. Fire Pits are not allowed.

19. Shore Surf School

Is an independent surf school licensed to operate from St Ives Bay Holiday Park. Any agreement to hire or purchase goods or services from the surf school is with the surf school only. It is a condition of booking that St Ives Bay Holiday Park is not responsible for any accident or loss resulting from such an agreement or from any actions of the surf school.

20. Photography

St Ives Bay will occasionally take photographs in the park or on the beach for promotion of the park. The photographer will normally ask your permission to use such pictures of you and your family. By booking with the company you understand and agree to this. The company agrees that it will not use or will make all efforts to cease the use of any such picture on request of the client at any time.

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Our offers are discounted prices for 2 Adults
2 Adults and 2 Children age 9 or under.

Babies of 18 months or under (max 2) do not count as a person. Where there is only one adult you can add an extra child. These offers are available mainly outside of the school holidays and are always availabale through our accommodation search.


Offers do not apply in conjunction any other offers. Normal booking conditions also apply. Extras such as cots highchairs and decks will be charged in the booking process.

Our prices include: all card and admin charges, linen in most units, use of indoor pool, beach access and car park, 24HR security, club entry, entertainment (when provided), TV electricity gas in our units, WIFI (not in unit). Please note other parks may charge ON ARRIVAL for some or all of these items! Availability Limited. Please check dates of which facilities are open on your holiday dates.

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